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Company Focus

Our focus remains rooted in the values of Robert Gimmel: to take the long-term view of our relationships with employees and customers, and to pump profits back into the business – heavily reinvesting to keep us strong. Our mission as a business is to provide responsive solutions to the problems of industry by applying the skills of our people.


In 1907 several Louisville machinists with an entrepreneurial bent established the Atlas Machine Company. The firm’s mission was to manufacture and sell elevators and related industrial equipment. In 1909 the company expanded its business model to include the manufacturing and repair of automobiles and automobile parts. By 1921 the repairing and rebuilding of automobile motors had become the dominating aspect of the company.

In November of that year, the company changed its name to Atlas Motor Machine shop. On October 10th, 1925 ownership passed to the family of company superintendent Robert N. Gimmel. Under three generations of Gimmel family ownership the company, now known as Atlas Machine & Supply Inc., has developed a reputation as one of the most complete and highest-skilled industrial repair centers in the nation. No longer an automotive parts company, Atlas expanded its horizon to support all industrial service needs.

Atlas has built this reputation by acting on a philosophy of providing excellent service to customers, attracting highly skilled machinists and paying them well, and investing the profits back into the company in the form of new equipment and technology. With the 24/7 emergency hotline, Atlas can provide immediate support to customers with its expertise in machining, air service, and field machining.

Our People

We’d like to introduce to you the biggest asset at Atlas Machine: our people.
Here you’ll find thumbnail sketches of the Atlas people that you’re most likely to connect with in the course of business. And behind the people profiled here is an army of some 200 skilled Atlas employees that we consider to be the best in the business.

Please take a moment to get to know the most important asset we have here at Atlas. Because when it comes right down to it, the only thing we really have to sell is what these people can do for you and your plant.

—Rich Gimmel, President

Leadership Team

Rich Gimmel


Rich is the third generation of the Gimmel family to lead Atlas, joining the company in 1985. He compares his role at Atlas to that of a “steward”, maintaining that “it’s my responsibility to do all I can to grow, strengthen, and improve the company — and then to pass it on.” His son, Richard Gimmel III joined Atlas in 2007 after working as a mechanical engineer at an Indiana electronics component manufacturer.

Rich emphasizes the Atlas culture of taking a long-term approach to decisions. “We don’t operate from quarter-to-quarter, but rather from generation-to-generation,” he says. He claims the company’s biggest challenge is to “feed the pipeline” of skilled employee talent for future generations. With that in mind, Atlas has instituted a unique internal growth program to cultivate the next generation of skilled employees. “When it comes right down to it, all we have to sell is what our people can do, and it is imperative that we plant the seeds now to develop future skilled employees.”

He equates Atlas to an “industrial fire department,” maintaining that quick response to industrial equipment problems is the company’s key market strength.

David Sullivan

Vice President of Industrial Products

David Sullivan has been a member of the Atlas team since 1999. Dave is responsible for sales, marketing, and operations for our compressed air division. As Vice President of compressed air operations, Dave brings a hands-on perspective to the job.  Dave has served several roles at Atlas, including field service manager and corporate rental manager.  He has been in his current position since 2010. Like many at Atlas, Dave has a passion for serving the customer and providing efficient solutions. He firmly believes that people, not the product, make the difference in a customer’s satisfaction with your organization.

The man who says it can’t be done shouldn’t interrupt the person doing it ” – Dave Sullivan 

Dennis Hanna

Vice President/General Manager

Dennis Hanna has been a member of the Atlas team since 1980. He is responsible for all shop operations in all facilities for the Machine Shop Operations in Louisville and Cincinnati.

Dennis started as a Journeyman Machinist on the floor at Atlas and then went into supervision in the Machine Shop in 1994. In the fall of 2006 he was named General Manager. Under his leadership, the machine shop has grown in size, capability, and reputation. As General Manager, Dennis emphasizes the “can do” attitude – a core fundamental of Atlas’s culture.

“Find the one reason why, instead of all the reasons why not.”Dennis Hanna

Jeremy Rydberg

Vice President/Business Development

Jeremy joined our Engineering team in December of 2010. Jeremy is responsible for identifying and developing new business opportunities and marketing strategies. Jeremy also manages the entire sales force for the Machine Shop division.

He brings a unique perspective rooted in several years of experience at a similar shop in Arizona. Consistently finding ways to say yes to any opportunity, Jeremy does not let past beliefs or restrictions dampen his enthusiasm to find a solution.

David Muncy

Vice President/Finance

David Muncy has been a member of the Atlas Team since 2006. Prior to joining Atlas, Dave held various leadership positions in both the Building Trade and Aerospace Industries, overseeing distribution and manufacturing operations. Dave received both his Bachelors in Science and MBA from the University of Louisville.

As the Vice President of Finance, Dave offers a long term perspective and insight to Atlas by always considering the financial impact of situations and keeps Atlas financially sound.  Dave and his team are responsible for the back office functions at Atlas, including finance, accounting, IT and administrative support. More than just a number-cruncher, Dave brings training in LEAN manufacturing operations and Six Sigma to the Atlas shop floor.

Richie Gimmel

Vice President of Engineering

The fourth generation of family ownership at Atlas, Richie had to earn his position as Vice President of Engineering, working several years in Engineering for another Louisville area manufacturer. He is a graduate of the J.B. Speed School of Engineering at the University of Louisville and St. Xavier High School in Louisville.

As Vice President of Engineering, Richie Gimmel is responsible for working with Atlas’ shop supervisors to identify and develop more value-added products and services for Atlas’ customers. He previously served as Director of Engineering, overseeing engineering services for the Machine Shop on a company-wide basis. Having a  passion for continuous improvement and solving problems that others consider “unsolvable”, Richie is steadfast in the belief that Atlas has the resources in place to provide a solution that’s better than the competition, every time.

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