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Atlas Machine and Supply has been in the business since 1907. Along the way Atlas has mastered several processes and has learned to apply them to many different applications.  See below for a list that includes all of our in house processes and several of their applications.


  1. Balancing
    If your shaft is not balanced, the shaft could be experiencing unnecessary wear and fatigue. Atlas Machine and Supply has a dynamic balancer that allows the shaft to be analyzed in motion and balanced to OEM specs using ISO standards.
  2. Engine Repair
    Atlas Machine and Supply can fix and repair any critical engine component from any manufacturer. Our engine shop has over 100 years of combined experience and has been in the business since the early 20th century.
  3. Engineering
    If you have equipment that is repeatedly causing you problems, let Atlas Machine and Supply determine the solution to improving the life of your product. Our Engineering staff has experience in providing specialized solutions, re-engineering parts, and FEA analysis.
  4. Field Machining
    Atlas Machine and Supply’s field machinists are experts at completing the impossible. Our field crew can be anywhere within 24 hours to take care of your emergency needs.
  5. Grinding
    Atlas Machine and Supply is your one stop shop for all of your grinding needs. With our large and versatile equipment, Atlas can tackle anything from cylindrical surface to internal grinding.
  6. Industrial Stud Removal
    Three new machines, the Portable CNC Stud Mill, our Metal Disintegrator, and a High Torque Drill. All three of these new machines are intended to get you back up and running as quickly as possible, because we all know time is more than just money-it’s power.
  7. Laser Tracker
    Some machines and parts are parts cannot be measured accurately using conventional methods. Atlas Machine has a trained and experienced Metrologist and Laser tracker on staff to take the guess work out of your measurements.
  8. Machining
    Atlas Machine and Supply has a shop filled with cutting edge equipment and is supported by three shifts of experienced craftsmen. Our experience and sense of urgency sets us above from the rest of our competitors.
  9. Thermal SprayThermal Spray
    – Thermal Spray is the process of coating an existing surface to protect or improve the performance of the part. Atlas Machine and Supply has experience with HVOF, plasma, flame spray, and twin arc.
  10. Welding
    Atlas Machine and Design specializes in all facets of the welding field, and has highly trained and certified welders on staff. Our extensive and versatile equipment is capable of handling all of our customers’ needs including onsite


  1. Air Audits 
    Atlas Machine and Supply understands the importance of compressed air efficiency. That is why we have dedicated engineering team to analyze your compressed air system and give you a full report with recommendations to increase your efficiency.
  2. Air End Rebuilding
    Why spend money on a new air end system, when you can repair your old system. Atlas can save you time and money by repairing your system at a fraction of the cost.
  3. Compressed Air Maintenance
    In order to ensure the longevity of your air system, the first step is regular maintenance. Atlas Machine has a experienced team of technicians to ensure that your systems receives proper maintenance to keep your down time to a minim.
  4. Engines
    Atlas Machine and Supply has been in the automotive system since the early 20th century. Atlas can machine and repair your engine block to OEM specs.
  5. Gear Boxes
    Atlas and Machine understands the urgency you need to get your line back up and running after your gear box goes down. Atlas bring you fast service with a quality guarantee.
  6. Mandrel
    Atlas has extensive experience with mandrel repair. No matter the size, Atlas understands the fundamentals of mandrel design to identify the most efficient way to repair your mandrel.
  7. Miebach Shears
    Atlas Machine and Supply has a proprietary process that allows your shears to be sharpened faster and more accurately. Atlas uses this process and it’s sense of urgency to bring you great customer service and reliable quality.
  8. Presses
    Atlas Machine and Supply has a long history of repairing and rebuilding presses. No matter the size, Atlas Machine and Supply has the tools and experience to handle any of your repair needs.
  9. Pumps
    When it comes to pump repair, Atlas is considered an expert within the industry. With our expert craftsman, experienced engineering team, and our extensive machine shop, Atlas Machine and supply can handle any of your pump needs.
  10. Rock Crushers
    Atlas Machine and Supply offers full crusher rebuilds, repairs, and maintenance. Atlas Machine and Supply is an authorized dealer of OEM parts for several major rock crusher companies.
  11. Rolls
    Having your rolls repaired correctly is critical part of ensuring your product quality and saving your company money. Atlas Machine and Supply has mastered several processes that will give you the options you need to ensure that your rolls are getting the right repair, great quality, and a competitive price.
  12. Special Applications
    Atlas Machine and Supply is an expert at completing the impossible. We have a team of experienced engineers, field technicians, and craftsman that can provide you with an answer to any repair problem you may have.
  13. Spindles
    Save your company time and money by having your spindles repaired by Atlas Machine and Supply. We deliver like new parts at a fraction of the cost and lead time of OEM replacements.
  14. Tie-Bars
    Once again Atlas Machine and Supply has created a proprietary process to repair your parts to like OEM standards while saving you time and money. Tried and proven on hundreds of tie bars, our process comes with a quality guarantee you can rely on.
  15. Turbines
    Atlas Machine and Supply has established itself within the power industry as a leader in quality innovative solutions. Atlas Machine and Supply continues to be a leader within the industry when its comes to turbine repair and maintenance.

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