Introducing AirPoint

An air as a utility solution

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What is AirPoint?

A utility solution to create and supply compressed air at guaranteed quality and demand specifications for the lowest total cost to our customers.

How Does it Work?

  • 1Cost Audit
  • 2Custom Solution Presentation
  • 3Contract Agreement
  • 4Electrical Connection Established
  • 5Cost Savings Achieved

Customer Focused Contracts

The length of the program

The guaranteed supply (CFM, PSI, and DEW POINT)

Penalties for falling out of specifications 

Price per month 

Scalability options

Our focus is four-fold Scalibilty,  buy-out flexibility, visibility, and accountability. 


What Are the Benefits?

  • No Capital Investment
  • Eliminate Maintenance Cost
  • Downtime
  • Repair Expenses

Reduce Costs

Purchasing compressed air equipment takes a large capital investment, and then budgeting for the system is nearly impossible with ancillary equipment, fluctuating maintenance schedules, breakdowns, and other unforeseen issues.

Increased Realibility

AirPoint has the most aggressive guarantees on the market. 100% Uptime and “15 Minute Quality Guarantee” means not only do we promise 24/7 uptime, but if we are out of specifications for a period of 15 minutes you do not pay for that month’s services.​

Ditch Your Compressor


As low as $4/cfm

10% Dew Point Fluctuation


Feature Text


As Low as $10/cfm

Dryer Inclued

Feature Text

Feature Text

Premium - Oil-Free

As Low as $20/cfm

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Feature Text

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