Since 1987 Ztechnique has offer exceptional quality in oil free replacement parts. Their intuitive engineering allows for manufacturer quality parts at a value price. Often times Atlas Machine and Supply will save customers up to 30% with their strong supply chain partnership and precisely engineered parts.

Ztechnique Compressor Service Kits

Ztechnique offer an extensive range of service kit options for the Major Manufacturers of compressors. Ztechnique kits are a direct replacement for the OEM. Matching quality and bill of materials like for like.

Using Ztechnique kits can minimize your downtime by ensuring parts within the kits we provide are as per the OEM Bill of Materials means you are guaranteed to have all parts required to complete the tasks in hand. 

Atlas Machine and Supply is partnered with the leading oil free parts provider, Ztechnique. They are the reliable source for oil free parts for leading brands such as Ingersoll Rand, Atlas Copco, BOGE, Kaeser, Almig to name some of the Worlds foremost important compressor manufacturers.

Oil Free Elements Service

Ztechnique offers an Atlas Copco alternative replacement new and refurbished Atlas Copco free compression stages for equipment such as ZA ZR ZT ZE Atlas Copco models. These elements, or air ends, are available at the same performance levels at a discounted price.


Ztechnique focuses on safety focused air flow. These air compressor filters have the best mixture of air flow and air compressor protection. With these air filters regularly performing at 99.99% efficiency, Ztechnique filters are outperforming industry standards and while delivering more value to their customers.

ZTechnique Lubricants

Ztechnique's lubricant range covers a wide range of compressed air applications including, oil free screw compressors, centrifugal compressors and oil lubricated compressors.

From a past customer "The OEM's want you to believe they can only supply oil for their own compressed air equipment, but the reality is that the OEM's don't own oil refinery's, they simply re brand other manufacturers lubricants. We in fact do exactly the same but at far less cost to the customer than OEM prices..."