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About Us

A Brief History

Atlas Machine & Supply, Inc. is a fourth-generation family business. We have a passion for caring for our customers and employees. Our mission as a business is to provide responsive solutions to the problems of industry by applying the skills of our people.

Since our founding in 1907, Atlas Machine & Supply, Inc. has firmly established itself as company whose expertise sets it far above competitors. Today--over a century since Atlas' founding--manufacturers in the United States and beyond, rely on our company to keep their plants running.

From humble beginnings in Louisville, Kentucky, Atlas has grown over the years from a single facility to eight facilities in four states. Along with our locations, our capabilities have grown too, establishing us today as one of the premiere repair and re-manufacturing companies in the United States and beyond.

Atlas has also proven itself as the go-to company for industries' onsite repair needs. Our Field Machining team is ready to respond...24/7, because we know that a repair done expertly and quickly reduces the potential of lost productivity and revenue for our customers.

As Atlas has grown to meet the diverse repair and manufacturing needs of manufacturers, we also have become known as a major supplier of Compressed Air systems. These products and related services are another key component enabling many companies to remain operational.

For more information about Atlas Machine & Supply's diverse and unique capabilities, contact us at 1-855-GO-ATLAS.

Machining and Repair Solutions

Compressed Air Solutions