On-Site Machining and Repair Solutions

We Bring the Machine Shop to You

Atlas’ on-site machining and repair capabilities are difficult to succinctly describe as they are so wide-ranging, and their applications are so diverse.

If you believe your project can only be done in a machine shop or repair facility, but the teardown and transport costs are substantial, give our team a call first. You will be surprised at how comprehensive our field service is and at the level of precision that can be had with our technology and expertise.


Atlas has an array of portable milling machines, each suited for different use cases. Small key mills can be set up quickly to mill simple keyways in shaft journals, large linear mills can mill any flat surface of any size when coupled with our laser tracker technology, large gantry mills can mill very large areas in one setup, and our CNC mill can perform more specialized drilling and milling operations such as interpolated boring and thread milling. All of these machines can be mounted in any position.


Our linear mills and portable lathes can be outfitted with a grinding attachment for applications that require a finer surface finish. Atlas also has extensive experience in developing custom lapping machines for specialized applications such as thrust faces. Learn more about our custom on-site solutions.

Flange Facing/Circular Milling

Atlas has equipment specifically designed to machine flanges, mounting faces, and bearing surfaces anywhere from 1.5” in diameter, all the way up to 240” (20 feet) in diameter. These machines can utilize single-point tooling, and the larger machines feature hydraulic milling heads.


Turning a shaft or end journal on-site? Not a problem with our portable lathes. We can rough undercut an OD to prep for weld, finish machine, and even grind journals with our customized machinery.


Atlas has boring bars of all different sizes to accommodate nearly any boring project. The bars themselves range from 1.25” diameter, up to 8” in diameter, and can accommodate bores from 1.5” ID up to 98” ID. Multiple concentric bores? Our boring bars are designed for line boring as well.


Drilling may seem a basic task, and indeed it can be, but precise placement of holes in awkward positions requires portable metrology and specialized machinery. Atlas has a large collection of drills from small to large, and from your typical mag-base hand-fed style to an in-house designed and built CNC drill with interpolation capability.


Many on-site projects are repairs, which typically require adding material to a surface, whether mechanically attached or metallurgically bonded. Atlas has the equipment and the expertise to weld nearly any steel, aluminum, or bronze alloy (and sometimes even cast iron) on-site.

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