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Safety Excellence

Atlas Machine and Supply, Inc. is committed to an environmentally compliant, safe, and healthful workplace. Our objective is to have a comprehensive Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) program promoting safe work practices and environmental compliance, through the maintenance of safe working conditions, and the establishment of safe operating practices, including compliance with all safety and environmental regulations.

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Our Safety Policy

Atlas Accepts Responsibility

For leadership of its EHS program, including the effectiveness, improvement, and safeguards required to ensure safe compliant working conditions.

Supervisors are Responsible

For developing and requiring the proper focus on EHS, including ensuring that all jobs are performed with the utmost regard for the environmental compliance, safety and health of all employees.

Employees are Responsible

For their cooperation with all aspects of the environmental compliance, safety and health program, including compliance with all rules and regulations.

All Employees are Obligated and Empowered

To stop unsafe acts, including reporting unsafe work practices or conditions. Employees who witness unsafe practices or conditions on any job are obligated to stop the job immediately and report the condition to their supervisor.

Our Approach: Doing Safety, Differently

People are the solution

People are not the problem to control, they are the solution. We learn how our people create success on a daily basis, and we harness their skills and competencies to build a safer workplace.

Understand adaptation

Rather than intervening in employee behavior, we intervene in the conditions of their work. This involves collaborating with front-line staff and providing them with the right tools and environment to get the job done safely. The key here is intervening in workplace conditions rather than worker behavior.

Build in capacity

Measure safety as the presence of positive capacities. If you want to stop things from going wrong, enhance the capacities that make things go right.

Certified Drug-Free Workplace

Atlas Machine and Supply, Inc. is a Drug-Free Work Place holding a certification with the State Board of Workers Compensation in Kentucky and Ohio.

Our company maintains a DOT approved drug testing program, In which all team members are drug tested upon hire or re-hire and are included in the company's random testing program.

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