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New Customer Portal

Welcome to the Atlas Customer Resource Center

At Atlas, our experienced team is at the forefront, ready to bring their expertise to your projects. 

The Customer Resource Center is a comprehensive hub for all your pre-job needs, including safety statistics, credit applications, W-9 forms, and Certificates of Insurance. We have designed it with a focus on transparency and ease, allowing you to easily tap into a wealth of information supported by professional insights. 

Experience the combination of professional expertise and accessible information at Atlas.

New Customer Application

Secure and Simple Credit Application Process

  1. Start Your Application: Begin by clicking the "Apply for Credit" button. This will take you to our secure online application form.

  2. Provide Accurate Information: Fill in all the required fields with complete and accurate information. This includes your personal, employment, and financial details.

  3. Submit Your Application: After ensuring all your details are correct, submit your application.

Note: Providing complete and accurate information is crucial for a smooth credit approval process. Incomplete or incorrect information may lead to delays or denial of credit.

Once submitted, we will process your application and contact you with the next steps.

Request Certificate of Insurance (COI)

Request a certificate of insurance for your organization. 

Quick and Easy Steps to Obtain Your COI

  1. Fill Out the Request Form: Complete all sections of the COI request form. Ensure accuracy to avoid any delays.

  2. Provide Your Email: Enter the email address where you wish to receive the COI.

  3. Submit Your Request: Once you've filled out the form, click the submit button.

Processing Time: Your request will be processed promptly. Expect to receive your Certificate of Insurance at the provided email address within 24-48 hours.

Download our W-9

Access Our Taxpayer Identification Information Easily

  1. Request Our W-9: To receive our W-9 form, simply click the 'Download our W-9' button. 

Note: Our W-9 form contains our Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) and is essential for your tax records. The form is readily available for download.

Download Our Safety Statistics

Explore Our Comprehensive Safety Records

  1. Instantly Download the Report: Click 'Download our Safety Statistics' to instantly obtain the comprehensive safety statistics report in PDF format, which includes data on incident rates and compliance records.

    Note: Our safety statistics report offers an in-depth look at our safety metrics. The report is updated annually to reflect the most recent data and safety developments.

    For detailed inquiries or additional support, please contact our safety department at safety@atlasmachine.com.