Air Treatment

Air Treatment

Excess water in a compressed air system can damage costly production machinery, rust and clog pipes, shorten component life, and reduce air flow, resulting in costly downtime and quite possibly defective products. Proper compressed air treatment will remove water vapor, liquids, oil and particulate from the system. Atlas Machine and Supply, Inc. can supply all of your air treatment equipment and accessories.  

Air Dryers help to provide continuous dry air. Moisture removal ensure optimal air quality and run time. When paired with control systems, our dryers can manage dew points at any level.

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Have a specific need? Here is a list of some of our most frequently used filter options.


Particulate filters or pre-filters remove harmful oil/water condensate, pipe scale, dirt and rust from compressed air systems, preventing corrosive damage to equipment and finished products.

Coalescing Filters

Where particulate filters remove particulate and water, coalescing filters are designed to remove oil. For maximum performance and efficiency, coalescing filters should be preceded by a particulate or pre-filter. Several grades are available; from lower grade (.3) micron units to the finest grade elements utilized for the most critical filtration applications, such as in clean rooms.

Activated Carbon Filters

Engineered for applications that will not tolerate oil vapors and associated odors, activated carbon filters should be preceded by a pre-filter and coalescing filter. 

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Other Air Treatment Needs


Current wastewater regulations classify condensate collected from a compressed air system as hazardous waste. However, separating the oil from the water effectively minimizes the amount of hazardous waste, reducing disposal costs. Atlas Machine and Supply, Inc. has oil/water separator models to accommodate any system size. Avoid a costly EPA fine for a fraction of the cost today!


To condense the water vapor and remove it before it can enter the system, an aftercooler and moisture separator are generally installed at the compressor discharge as the first process in moisture removal. The aftercooler is a heat exchanger that can either be water or air cooled and is normally mounted within compressor packages. Older compressors and some applications require externally mounted aftercoolers.


Mist Eliminators are used to reduce energy costs and remove oil and water aerosols from compressed air systems. They also protect products and processes from contamination, increase the life of pneumatic equipment, help eliminate paint appearance and adhesion problems, and keep pneumatic instruments operating. 

Atlas Machine & Supply, Inc. can assist with any of your facilities Air Treatment needs. Please call 1-855-GO-ATLAS (462-8527) for more information, or to speak to any of our Compressed Air engineers.