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Proudly Serving Numerous Industries

Being in business for over 100 years, Atlas has had the pleasure of playing a hand in nearly every industry. While each may be unique, the majority of the machines they utilize share similar components and operate on the same basic principles. Whether or not the industry you're in is represented below, please contact us with any questions you have. If we can't help you, we can likely refer you to someone who can.


Aerospace makes up only a very small portion of Atlas’ industry involvement, and most projects cannot be made public, but it should be noted that some R&D projects as well as certain types of specialized, low-volume, quick turnaround projects might be right up our alley. Beyond the small number of these specialized manufacturing projects, several unique situations have required calling on Atlas’ repair expertise to remedy worn aerospace and defense related components, and even machining errors in new high-dollar components from A&D production facilities.


If there’s one industry that could win the award for machinery that collectively endures the most abuse, it would be the aggregate industry. Due to Atlas’ inclination toward large equipment repair work, this industry is especially near and dear to our hearts. Atlas has supported companies in the aggregate industry across the entire United States, from mining machinery to earth movers, crushers, kilns, and ball mills.

It’s not unusual to see multiple hubs from an array of heavy vehicles in various states of repair on our shop floor at any given time, and you’re likely to see a pair of crusher rolls being undercut or having a hard weld overlay applied a few times a year. Rotary kilns and ball mill repairs, on the other hand, typically take place on-site at the plant. Learn more about our field machining and repair capabilities here.


Where would we be without our foil, beverage cans, cars, or flying machines? Aluminum manufacturing and processing is of incredible importance to today’s society and Atlas takes pride in supporting these businesses every day. We regularly rebuild table rolls and upgrade them with a high-performance hard weld overlay to increase their service life, and we can repair or upgrade any other process rolls on the line as needed. We specialize in full rebuilds of, and modifications to, expanding mandrels. We perform gearbox assessments and full rebuilds if necessary. Learn more about our repair capabilities, and some intriguing performance improvement possibilities.


The automotive industry is one of multiple tiers and Atlas has played different roles in each. Among the most notable would be on-site machining of stamping and forging presses. Many parts of a press can be removed and repaired or resurfaced at a machine shop facility, and in some cases that makes sense. In other cases, a lot of downtime and freight can be saved by repairing or machining press beds or platens in-place. Learn more about our field machining capabilities here.


Residing in the bourbon capitol of the world, Atlas is charged with the important duty of supporting the bourbon industry. From mashing to coopering to bottling, we’ve had the pleasure of repairing, rebuilding, and manufacturing components for all types of machinery involved in the various stages of producing fine Kentucky spirits. In many cases, we’ve done it on an emergency basis to prevent downtime (we can’t let bourbon production slow can we?). Learn more about our in-house capabilities here.


The chemical industry is always booming, and Atlas intends to continue doing everything we can to keep it that way. Chemicals sometimes get a bad name, but we couldn’t live the way we do without them. They allow for the production of nearly every product you buy, they clean every surface from which you eat, and they keep you safe and healthy. Atlas has extensive experience with coupling alignment, pump and motor base machining, and is well versed in welding and machining stainless steel. While we typically don’t perform code welding, we can efficiently face flanges on-site or in-house with our flange facers and mills.

Energy / Utilities

The energy sector accounts for one of the largest portions of Atlas’ sales each year. There are countless types of machinery required in power production and all of its supporting and peripheral processes. Likewise, there are countless ways in which Atlas can help to prevent, repair, or improve them. Some of the more specialized needs have included turbine housing stud removal, bowl mill rebuilding, ash water pump refurbishment, modification of century-old hydroelectric generator shafts, and machining the stator mounting slots inside of the generators on-site (done with custom designed and built mini-milling machines and laser metrology).

General Manufacturing

The Kentucky/Indiana/Ohio region is home to a large portion of America’s manufacturers and Atlas is proud to serve many of them on a recurring basis. We’ve made a name for ourselves over the past century by doing everything possible to support manufacturing companies in the region, large and small, and doing so with integrity. Every manufacturer uses machinery and every machine wears out or breaks down at some point. Atlas will be here to help when it does.

Injection Molding and Die Casting

Injection molding and die casting machines are quite familiar to Atlas - especially a few certain injection molding machine OEMs that were known to have design issues. Whether your press uses threaded ends, groove locking ends, or cloverleaf-style locking “paw” ends, we have you covered. The tie bar repair methods that we’ve developed and perfected over the past couple of decades are a specific point of pride for us. We can take a cracked or completely severed tie bar and bring it back to like-new (or better) specification with complete confidence. Learn more about our repair methods here.

Municipal Utilities

The municipal utility industry is an incredibly important one that tends to be taken for granted, more often than not. While large machining and repair projects for municipal utilities are relatively rare for Atlas, we are always standing at the ready for any way we can assist. Gearboxes, pumps, agitators, and many other pieces of critical machinery are right up our alley.

Ship Building

Despite being located in a landlocked state, Atlas is no stranger to shipyards. The Ohio river happens to be a major barge thoroughfare and multiple major sea ports are within a day's drive of our Louisville facility. We've had multiple opportunities to assist our shipyard customers in-house and on-site with projects such as pre-boring and field line boring of dump scow hinges, and machining crane slewing-ring bearing surfaces on-site.


Being one of the most important industries in North America, Atlas is proud to play an ever-growing role in keeping the steel industry up and running, as well as developing new products to increase efficiencies and reduce downtime. Over the years, we have repaired, resurfaced, reverse-engineered, or manufactured nearly every type of roll utilized in steel mills all over the world. We have repaired, modified, and manufactured new expanding mandrels, troubleshot and rebuilt numerous gearboxes, and disassembled, evaluated, redesigned, and rebuilt countless other pieces of machinery in steel plants. Learn more about our in-house capabilities, as well as our on-site capabilities.

In galvanizing and aluminizing lines, we’ve developed new ways of refurbishing pot rolls and other zinc tank equipment. More recently, we’ve mastered the art of manufacturing furnace rolls (it turns out other manufacturers have been doing it wrong, leading to premature failure), and we can manufacture bridle rolls with a longer life expectancy, courtesy of a hard weld overlay and high-performance thermal spray coating. Learn more about our steel mill solutions.

Is your industry not on the list?

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