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Atlas Machine & Supply | Compressed Air

Products Overview

Atlas Machine and Supply, Inc. is a proud partner of Sullair, FS-Elliott, and many other world-class compressed air equipment manufacturers. Atlas offers a full line of oil-flooded and oil-free compressors for any industrial application.


Sullair Compressors


Atlas Machine is a proud partner of Sullair Air Compressor products. Sullair, established in Michigan City Indiana, has been an innovative leader in the industry since 1965. We offer a full line of oil flooded and oil free Sullair compressors for any industrial application. 

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Air Treatment

Mist Eliminator Sullair

Excess water in a compressed air system can damage costly production machinery, rust and clog pipes, shorten component life, and reduce air flow, resulting in costly downtime and quite possibly defective products. Proper compressed air treatment will remove water vapor, liquids, oil and particulate from the system. Atlas Machine & Supply, Inc. can supply all of your air treatment equipment and accessories.

Vacuum Pumps


Similar to your air compressor needs, Some manufacturers have the need to pull a vacuum using vacuum pumps. Atlas Machine and Supply, Inc. are experts in providing solutions for all your facility’s vacuum issues. Partnered with the top vacuum equipment manufacturers in the country, Atlas offers a wide range of solutions through a broad product list and unmatched technical expertise.

Oil-Free Systems

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Does your facility have a requirement for oil-free air? Atlas Machine has you covered with a full line of Sullair, oil-free air compressors. From Food and Beverage, to Pharmaceutical, to Waste Water Treatment – whatever the application or industry, Atlas Machine has a product to deliver when air quality is essential for your product or process.


Reciprocating Compressors

Chicago Pneumatic

Chicago Pneumatic

Perfect for applications that only require intermittent air usage, think 2-4 hours per shift, as opposed to continuously running. Many labs, small workshops, and tire or automotive centers use these compressors.

Nitrogen Generators


Parker Nitrogen Generators

Widely applicable for making your own nitrogen in-house. We represent brands such as Parker, Generon, and Holtec. Atlas Machine and Supply has the ability to properly size a nitrogen generating system for your facility.

Ztechnique - An Oil-Free Partner


Z Technique Elements & Parts

Some of the companies that have purchased air ends from Ztechnique are Ball Packaging, Crown, Can-Pack, Quorn, Cadburys, InBev, Dalkia, Greenfield France, Ford America, Buffalo Trace, etc to name just a few blue-chip manufacturers that have benefited from the costs savings only Ztechnique can provide in the alternative oil-free spare parts business.

Our products can surpass 50,000 hrs run* providing the manufacturer's service schedules are adhered to and that the running parameters meet satisfactory standards*

We offer a Worldwide install service with Ztechnique distributors in more than 17 countries in 2019 and growing each year.

Other Products and Services

Fluid Cooling Systems

This solution helps in applications where you need you air compressor or air compressor room to maintain a certain ambient temperature. Using fluid cooling systems offers a better air quality for those working around the system. Ideal for situations where you need optimal efficiency from your air compressor.

Aluminum Piping

Easily supply your compressed air to any location within your facility with a number of different sizes of premium piping. Aluminum piping offers the easiest install and boasts longevity in comparison to traditional piping.

Compressed Air Locations