Specialty Manufacturing Services

Low-Volume Specialized Manufacturing

While Atlas is widely known for our repair solutions, we also take on a significant number of manufacturing projects. Typically, they are low-volume and medium- to large-scale, but we are always willing to make exceptions when it makes sense.

The best suited manufacturing projects take full advantage of our unique machinery and require expertise in more than one of our areas of specialty (we have advanced capabilities in engineering, welding, thermal spray, machining and grinding).

Past Projects

Electric Motor Shafts (Rotors)

Atlas has extensive experience in manufacturing large electric motor rotors, especially in the power generation industry. We’ve manufactured numerous multi-piece fabricated rotors with welded-on armature bars as well as single-piece forging designs that require a large volume of material removal.

Stamping Press Rotary Cams

Atlas regularly machines new rotary cams for stamping press dies from customer-provided castings. These cams require nearly the whole gamut: hands-on CAD support, machining, grinding, and sometimes even specialized welding. Machining operations on these rotary cams entail relatively advanced 4-axis 3D machining operations and multiple setups due to their complex geometries and tight tolerance specifications.


Tie Bars, Nuts, and Locking Bushings

Along with an extensive repair background of injection molding and die casting machines, Atlas has also been called upon for manufacturing new components. We have manufactured numerous stub shafts, tie bars, tie bar nuts, locking rings, and rotary locking bushings from OEM drawings and drawings produced from our reverse-engineering services.

Expanding Mandrels

The majority of mandrels that Atlas sees are rebuild and repair ;projects, but on occasion we have had the opportunity to manufacture them from the ground up. We have made them according to provided OEM drawings, or based on reverse engineering an existing mandrel. Expanding mandrels can be complex machines in themselves and require some expertise. Additionally, there are typically opportunities to make design or performance improvements with elements such as bronze wear plates, carbide coatings, or even redesigned lubrication systems.

Dump Scow Barge Hinge Assemblies

On a per-order basis, Atlas manufactures new dump scow barge hinge assemblies in-house. Each hinge knuckle is burned from 8-10" thick steel plate, fitted with temporary lifting eyes, pre-bored and drilled for lubrication in a horizontal boring mill, and then final line-bored on-site after installation. The hinge pins are manufactured from hardened steel, or upgraded with a hard weld overlay. Learn more about our performance improvement solutions.

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