Portable Industrial Metrology

High-Precision, Large-Scale Field Measurement

Having the skills and tools to take precise measurements is just as important as having the skills and tools to add or remove material. In fact, you cannot create a useful part without one of the two. And yet, applied metrology often takes a back seat when a machine shop lists their capabilities, as it is typically assumed that any machine shop possesses the skills and tools to measure any critical machinable dimension with sub-0.001” accuracy.

While this is true of Atlas, we also have the ability to go above and beyond the ordinary with state-of-the-art portable measurement technology. Our laser trackers allow incredibly large-scale measurement, our laser scanner enables us to quickly capture complex shapes with incredible detail, and our portable CMM breaks down point-to-point measurement barriers with incredible speed and accuracy.

Our Metrology Equipment

All of the following equipment is completely portable and are utilized for measurement-only services as well as augmenting our on-site machining capabilities. Our laser trackers are used extensively to assist in setting up our portable mills and can be used to allow the machining of large areas that require multiple machine setups.

Laser Tracker

Laser trackers excel with large scale measuring, one point in space at a time. For example, our laser tracker instruments allow the measurement of dimensions up to 10’ with less than 0.001” error, dimensions up to 30’ with only 0.002” error, and dimensions up to 180’ with an error of less than .009”.

Laser trackers operate line-of-site, but with the use of stationary “monuments”, we can completely remove that limitation and measure around large objects or around corners.

Laser Scanner

Laser scanners record a large number of coordinates in space (from the surfaces of an object) in real time, creating a “point cloud” that is used to digitally represent the surface of the object. Once an object is scanned, this data can be used to take point-to-point measurements, or even be transformed into a parametric model of the part, which can then be used to manufacture another identical part (reverse engineering).

Atlas’ FARO laser scanner arm can record at a rate of 600,000 points per second, and has a 11.5’ maximum reach.

Portable CMM

Atlas’ FARO arm can be used in probing mode to take measurements of one point in space at a time, and at a higher accuracy than the scanner. This function can be used in conjunction with the laser scanner to capture critical feature locations.

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