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A Letter from Atlas' President

Atlas Machine Louisville Location

In uncertain times like these, we want to remind you that ATLAS Machine and Supply is here to support your company through this hardship. Cost savings is undeniably a major priority for everyone right now. Here is how Atlas Machine and Supply can save your business money: 

1) Repairing a piece of equipment is generally cheaper than replacing it. For a fraction of the cost of replacing a part, and in a fraction of the time, we can provide you with a repair for your machinery that meets or exceeds its original performance.

2) ATLAS will provide you with the best repair that money can buy and we will stand behind it. Atlas has an extensive catalog of repair methods and industrial machinery knowledge that we’ve developed over through over a century of experience. If we can catch the problem soon enough, we can repair the damaged part and rebuild the machine for a fraction of the price of a new part, and in a fraction of the time of waiting for one.

3) We will work with you to provide the best possible options for cost and turnaround. We fully understand that sometimes cost outweighs turnaround time, and sometimes it’s just the opposite. Our engineering team is here to work with you on your repair and price options, as well as lead times.

4) ATLAS will be your advocate. Our engineering team is happy to evaluate the machine and discuss your situation with you and your team. We will be your advocate in communicating the need for repairing sooner rather than later, when a catastrophic failure occurs and the cascading effects cause the list of repairs to skyrocket.

5) ATLAS will get you running sooner. Sometimes you just don’t get the warning until it’s too late. Atlas can respond quickly...and around the clock. As a result, we can get you back up and running sooner.

Know that when the unexpected happens, we will always be here to get you back up and running, as we have since 1907. We’re just an email or a phone call away.

Call 1-855-GO-ATLAS (855-462-8527), reply to this email, or email the engineering team directly at MSEng@atlasmachine.com.


Richie Gimmel 


ATLAS Machine & Supply, Inc.