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Atlas Machine and Supply | Adjusting to a New Way of Working

Without a doubt, the outbreak of the coronavirus has affected how people work at their jobs. Atlas Machine and Supply--like other companies throughout the United States--has adjusted to what has become a new normal, at least for the foreseeable future. Human Resources director, Brian Pait, estimates about 20% of Atlas’ employees are working at least part of the time from home to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. Some employees are also working from home to help with childcare. By their nature, some Atlas jobs are easier than others to be performed remotely. Those jobs include employees who work in accounting, engineering, sales, and in other similar positions where close contact in the office makes it difficult to maintain social distancing.

Tina Greene, an Accounting Specialist, is an example of an employee with a flexible schedule. Tina works in the office three days a week and from home two. According to Tina, at first it was hard to adjust to the change, but now she says, “I am so much better with it.” 

Other employees--like machinist Aaron Eskridge--have continued to work at their regular job sites because of the nature of their work. But there have been some changes there too. Social distancing is being maintained where possible. And if close contact with others in the Machine Shop is necessary, employees are being asked to wear facial coverings as a precaution.

“All of Atlas’ employees have been up for the challenges brought on by the pandemic,” says Richie Gimmel, President of Atlas. “I am incredibly proud of how they have responded.”

About Atlas Machine and Supply, Inc. - Atlas is a 113-year old business based in Louisville, Kentucky. The family-owned company designs, repairs, and remanufactures complex equipment and components for industry and municipalities throughout the United States and internationally. The company is also a leading supplier of industrial air compressors, related products and has a full-service department for compressed air. For more information about Atlas’ capabilities, contact us at info@atlasmachine.com or call 1-855-GO-ATLAS.