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Dave Sullivan Celebrates 25 Remarkable Years at Atlas Machine & Supply

Dave Sullivan Celebrates 25 Remarkable Years at Atlas Machine & Supply

Louisville, KY - Atlas Machine & Supply is proud to announce and celebrate the 25-year milestone of Dave Sullivan, current President of the Industrial Products Group (IPG) – Compressed Air Division. Dave's incredible journey with the company began on March 8, 1999, when he joined the Cincinnati facility as a truck driver. His unwavering commitment and exceptional leadership have since propelled him through various roles within the organization.

Dave's initial week as a truck driver quickly evolved into a pivotal role in IPG service support. Over the years, Dave has contributed significantly to Atlas, holding positions such as Service Administrator, Service Manager, and Rental Manager.

In 2010, Dave assumed the role of Vice President of IPG, overseeing the expansion of Atlas into Indianapolis, Nashville, and Lexington. Simultaneously, he played a key role in establishing a dedicated oil-free group within the IPG Division. Under his leadership, the IPG's financial performance has soared from approximately $11 million in 2010 to an impressive $36 million.

After a proven track record of success and growth, Dave ultimately moved into the role of the President of IPG in 2023.

One of Dave's standout achievements was navigating the transition from a long-time OEM partner, Gardner Denver, to Sullair in 2018. His strategic decision-making and adept leadership ensured a seamless transition, further solidifying Atlas's position in the industry.

Reflecting on his tenure, Dave humbly stated, "I try every day to make people laugh whenever I can. I've hired a lot of people much smarter than me to make us successful!" His commitment to fostering a positive workplace culture has undoubtedly contributed to Atlas's success.

Atlas Machine & Supply expresses its deepest gratitude for Dave Sullivan's quarter-century of service and dedication. Dave's impact on the company has been immeasurable, and his leadership has taken the IPG Division to new heights. As we celebrate this milestone, we look forward to many more years of collaboration and success with Dave at the helm.


About Atlas Machine & Supply:

Atlas Machine & Supply, Inc. is a fourth-generation family business established in 1907, renowned for its excellence in the industrial services industry. The company re-engineers, repairs, and manufactures complex manufacturing equipment, and is an expert in all compressed air services, products, rentals, repairs, and more, for the region. With a passion for excellence and a legacy of success, the company continues to lead the way in machining and compressed air solutions.


For Industrial Product Group Compressed Air Division inquiries, please contact:

Dave Sullivan

President, Industrial Products Group