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Employees Achieve Veteran Performer Status

A favorite annual tradition at Atlas is the announcement of the company’s new Veteran Performers at the beginning of each new year. Atlas is happy to announce that three employees will reach the milestone in 2022--Harry Lehman, Roy Lee Taylor and Troy Wheatley.
To achieve the special designation, these employees have each worked at Atlas for 15 years. They join the 25% of those currently working at Atlas who have already reached the milestone. Here’s more about Atlas’ newest Veteran Performer recipients:
Harry Lehman - Works as the Service Agreement Coordinator for the Compressed Air division. Harry is based at Atlas’ Air headquarters located in Cincinnati.
Roy Lee Taylor - Works as a Welder on the second shift within the Atlas Operations division. Lee is based at our main facility in Louisville.
Troy Wheatley - Works as a Machinist within the Atlas Operations division. Troy is also based at the company’s facility in Louisville.
Atlas’ president, Richie Gimmel, says Veteran Performers--like Harry, Lee, and Troy--form the foundation of the company’s workforce.
“We sincerely appreciate the contribution of all our Veteran Performers,” says Richie Gimmel of the achievement. “Their experience plays an important role in making Atlas the successful company it is today.”
Interested in working for Atlas?  Be sure to check out our web site's Career page for available opportunities.