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Breakdown at Steel Mill Requires Quick Response

A sudden major breakdown at a U.S. steel mill reduced its production by 50%--potentially costing the mill hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue.  The damaged part--known in the industry as a turret--needed repair, and it needed to be done quickly.  

The Atlas Field Machining team was at the worksite--along with its remote equipment--within 72 hours of being contacted for the large-scale repair. The project required a multi-layered approach involving machining, welding, metrology, engineering and project management. A high-level of coordination between the Atlas Field Machining team and others involved with the project was also required.   


The turret being repaired measured 41-feet long and weighed 280,000 pounds. Through a coordinated effort, the massive frame was moved outdoors and gently positioned using an 800-ton portable crane assisted by an additional 275-ton hoist.   

Welding repairs were performed on areas damaged when a ladle of molten steel accidentally spilled onto its surface, shutting down one of the customer’s two furnaces until the repair could be completed.  

Next, the Atlas field crew set up its custom-built portable mill--one of the biggest in the United States--and worked around-the-clock in rainy conditions to machine the cylinder’s 137-inch bearing surface within the turret.  

And finally...using advanced metrology technology, Atlas’ onsite machinists precision drilled  a series of 207 pinholes--measuring exactly 2.500 inches and 1.437 inches--in the turret’s cylinder plates. These pins create a drive system that is propelled by a very large sprocket that spins the 41-foot turret 180 degrees, moving ladles full of molting metal into position for pouring. 

The result?  Within a matter of a few days, the repair was complete, and the steel mill was soon fully operational again.   


Atlas Machine and Supply specializes in completing repairs at a customer’s worksite--such as the one performed at the steel mill in the United States. Our highly-skilled Field Machining team is available 24/7 and performs on-site jobs around the world. For more information about  Atlas’ onsite capabilities, click HERE (https://www.atlasmachine.com/machining-and-repair/on-site) or call 1-855-GO.ATLAS.