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Revolutionary Sealed Roller Bearing System for Steel Industry

Atlas Machine and Supply has received a U.S. patent for a sealed roller bearing system that’s certain to revolutionize manufacturing within the steel industry.

The new bearing design increases the life of rolls—often called pot rolls — operating in molten metal baths during the manufacturing process. The extended roll life also increases productivity by decreasing breakdowns to bearings caused by extreme temperatures that often reach 1300 degrees Fahrenheit.

 The patented concept was developed over six years by Atlas’ Jeremy Rydberg and Michael Alml—members of the company’s Research and Innovation division. Its creation involved testing different metal and non-metal materials in molten zinc with varying levels of aluminum. The project also included using other higher-performing materials in advanced bearing configurations. 

Also, significantly, very few companies in the world both develop and perform the advanced processes that this Atlas division does. In fact, Atlas Machine and Supply is believed to be the only company in the world that does both research and application under one roof. 

A sign of its success is the growth of the R & I team since being created in 2016 at Atlas’ main facility in Louisville, KY. The department started with only three members. Today, that number has tripled--a reflection of the demand by manufacturers for the division’s services.  

With that increase in employees, the space occupied by the R & I in Louisville has grown too. In addition to larger office space for group collaboration, the department now occupies a wing within the Machine Shop to do research and perform advanced roll processes for customers. 

The new bearing technology works hand-in-hand with the division’s already established expertise in refurbishing and manufacturing industrial rolls. 

“There is not a competitor that can provide all the welding, coating, and machining that we do,” says Jeremy Rydberg, the division’s Vice President. “It’s our combination of services and technology that makes us different.” 

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