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On-site team handles repair in Southeast Asia

Electricity-producing power
   Atlas Machine and Supply is among a handful of companies in the world that can perform complex repairs on job sites . Atlas’ Field Machining team recently completed a repair in southeast Asia for one of the world’s largest power companies .  
Precise Measurements are Essential
   The job required threading eight holes to exactly 7-inches in diameter and 16-inches deep within a turbine structure . The unit is part of a massive system of electricity-producing turbines. Together, the mile-long network produces enough electricity to power the country's northern region.
   The ability to perform complex work onsite and adapt to strict policies is what makes Atlas unique . There are only two companies in the world that can perform a job like this, and our two team made the job look easy. The customer has several more of these jobs for Atlas to complete over the next few years.
We Fix Anything, Anywhere in the World
   Atlas’ Field Services Division has the ability to perform complex repairs onsite and anywhere in the world . Atlas assembles teams based on customer need. Crews can consist of engineers, field machinists, welders, mechanics, metrologists, project managers and more . For unique situations, the Field team can use Atlas' state-of-the-art Machining Operations.
   More and more industries are relying on Atlas for on-site repairs. They know no matter where the job, our teams of skilled machinists are ready to serve...24/7.