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Bret Jackson Achieves Prestigious Certification in Compressed Air Systems

Bret Jackson Achieves Prestigious Certification in Compressed Air Systems at Atlas Machine & Supply

[LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY] - Atlas Machine & Supply, Inc., a fourth-generation family business established in 1907, is proud to announce a significant achievement within its Industrial Products Group – Compressed Air Division. Bret Jackson, who has been an integral part of the Compressed Air team for 8 years, serving as the Regional Aftermarket Manager for the South Region & Oil Free, has received a highly prestigious certification in compressed air system specialization.

The personnel certification for compressed air system specialists, developed by the Compressed Air and Gas Institute (CAGI), serves as a critical means of verifying the capabilities of professionals in the compressed air systems industry. This certification is designed to instill confidence in customers, utilities, employers, and others regarding the skills and abilities of industry professionals who design, service, sell, and install compressed air systems and equipment. The program adheres to the ISO 17024 standard, focusing on assessing applied knowledge, skills, and abilities, and emphasizes a comprehensive understanding of compressed air systems and related concepts.

In a statement, Bret Jackson shared his thoughts on this notable achievement, saying, "The certification for me is validation of my skills and competencies in the compressed air industry, learned over my 20-year compressed air career. For Atlas, it means that customers can be confident in our recommendations and proposals. It is important for our sales and service professionals who are customer-facing to know the properties and principles of compressed air, and this certification puts that knowledge to the test."

Atlas Machine & Supply, Inc. has a longstanding reputation for its unwavering commitment to excellence and top-notch service, recognized for providing responsive solutions to industry challenges. As an official distributor of Sullair, Atlas Machine & Supply is a trusted expert in all aspects of compressed air services, products, rentals, repairs, and more, catering to the region's needs.

Dave Sullivan, President of the Industrial Products Group at Atlas, praised Bret's dedication, stating, "Bret is a valuable leader in our organization. He strives to always provide answers and recommendations to our customer base, and this certification is another example of his willingness to educate himself for our customers' needs."

Bret Jackson's achievement is just one of several exciting recent developments for the Atlas Compressed Air Division, including the recent opening of a new location in Jeffersontown, KY, and the appointment of a new Vice President for the region. The company's compressed air division is experiencing rapid growth across all sectors, further solidifying Atlas's position as an expert in the field and a provider of unparalleled service and premium products. Atlas Machine & Supply is at the forefront of the compressed air solutions industry.

About Atlas Machine & Supply:

Established in 1907, Atlas Machine & Supply, Inc. is a fourth-generation family business known for its commitment to excellence in complex industrial equipment services and compressed air solutions. As an official distributor of Sullair, Atlas Machine & Supply’s Compressed Air Division is an expert in all compressed air services, products, rentals, repairs, and more, for the region.


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