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Gear Set donation provides machining students with ‘hands on’ training

Atlas donates Gear Sets to Technology Center

The donation of two gear sets by Atlas Machine will give young students 'real life' experience in industrial repair and maintenance. The gift, valued at $50,000, was presented by Atlas to the Breckinridge County Area Technology Center located in Hardinburg, Kentucky. Atlas received the gear sets through a partnership with two U.S. companies--Sugar Manufacturing Supply and Gear Technology Solutions.

Atlas Field Machining Supervisor Matt Kennedy says the gear sets will teach students about reconditioning and gear alignment--both critical for the maintenance and repair of machinery. The Technology Center's welding students will also learn to build the housing for the gear sets.

As an advocate for hands-on technical education, Atlas has been a steadfast supporter of the Breckinridge County Area Technology Center. In addition to serving on the school’s steering committee and providing financial support, Atlas consistently provides opportunities like co-op positions and facility tours that allow students to explore the skills they need to succeed in the modern workforce. Atlas is also planning to conduct an on-site machining demonstration at the Technology Center for the Industrial Maintenance, Machining, Welding, and Automotive programs.

According to a representative of the Area Technology Center, "The donation of the gear sets in conjunction with an upcoming real-life demonstration will provide our students the opportunity to witness what others only experience when they get into the industry workforce. This endeavor will also allow our students to see how different industrial pathways align. We are extremely excited to have Atlas as an active partner in the success of our students."

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