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Atlas invests nearly two million in Field Machining

Atlas has expanded its Field Machining operations by investing in nearly two million dollars in additional Field Machining equipment. The recent purchase places Atlas among an elite handful of United States companies with the capability to quickly perform a wide variety of advanced repairs on site.

The capabilities of each new piece of equipment are extremely large scale and include:

  • Multiple circular milling machines capable of cutting flanges and journals measuring up to 20-ft. in diameter

  • A Gantry mill that can machine everything within a 14-ft. by 42-ft. area

  • Multiple sized boring bars capable of making precision circular cuts measuring more than 8-ft. in diameter and 20-ft. long

  • A portable bore welding machine that will weld up to 12-ft. in diameter

  • Multiple flange facers for rebuilding rims measuring 1-in. to nearly 8-ft. in diameter

  • Multiple state-of-the-art FARO Laser Trackers for distance measurement and alignment

Potential customers for these advanced on-location services include: steel mills, surface mining operations, wind turbine systems, cranes, hydroelectric dams, ship building, aerospace, submarines, aircraft carriers, power plants and more.

Supervisor Matt Kennedy says the Field Machining division is going after the jobs that only three other companies in the nation are attempting to do.

Atlas also has the advantage of being able to respond quickly. “If a customer calls now at 5:30 p.m. on Friday, we can immediately accommodate any need he has,” says Matt.

In addition to Matt, other team members include: Greg Miller, Hugo Blakeman, Luke Kennedy, Adam Lucas, Matthew Frymire, Bradley Henning, Marvin Morgan, Craig Nevitt, Brent Lancaster, Tyler Hinton, Lee Baldwin, Brian Ohlmann, Michael Basham and Steven Weldon. Soon to be added to the team are James Wheatley, Nick Carwile, and one more yet to be named member. Ron O'Donoghue serves as the overall manager.