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Customized Air Solution for aerospace

Custom-built container houses Sullair Compressed Air solution Cfor aerospace customer.

Atlas Machine and Supply specializes in providing customized solutions for manufacturers reliant on compressed air in their production process.

An Atlas example: the installation of a Sullair compressed air system to meet an aerospace customer’s precise needs. This particular custom application consisted of three 50 HP Sullair compressors and accompanying dryers—all housed in a custom-built enclosure outside the customer’s plant.

Such a made-to-order solution can also be applied to other users who require the purest airflow possible. Another big advantage: Placement of the system outdoors also frees up existing floor space within the plant for manufacturing needs.

Atlas is confident in its ability to offer similar quality solutions to other compressed air users. For more information about Atlas' Air capabilities, click HERE or call 1-855-GO.ATLAS.