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Three Graduates Sign on as Apprentices with Atlas Machine and Supply

Three Graduates Sign on as Apprentices with Atlas Machine and Supply
Three recent high school graduates from Breckinridge and Meade County technology programs have chosen to enroll in Atlas Machine and Supply's esteemed Apprenticeship Program. This prestigious opportunity allows these young men to kickstart their careers while earning a salary and deepening their expertise in their chosen fields.
Alexander Robbins, a graduate of Breckinridge County High School, and Drake Shacklette, a graduate of Meade County High School, have both selected to work as Apprentice Machinists. Hunter Pringle, also from Meade County, will also serve as an Apprentice Machinist, specifically in the Atlas Steel Services department. Their selection highlights the quality of the technology programs at their high schools and showcases the potential these young graduates possess.
All three students recently signed ‘Letters of Intent’ at their respective schools, officially accepting their positions in the Apprenticeship Program at Atlas. The ceremony marked a significant milestone in their budding careers. They will begin their apprenticeship program in August.
Upon completion of the four-year program, conducted in collaboration with the Kentuckiana Machining Association (KMA), they will receive an official state-recognized KMA Certification. One key feature that sets Atlas apart is its incredible support for its apprentices. The company covers 100% of educational expenses if apprentices maintain a passing grade. Remarkably, there is no obligation to remain employed with Atlas post-graduation, demonstrating the company's belief in the immense value and opportunities it offers.
Alexander Robbins, 18, from Breckinridge County High School, will enroll in Atlas's four-year Machinist Apprenticeship program. Inspired by his father, who was a machinist, Alexander knew that Atlas Machine was the right place for him after hearing positive feedback from multiple sources. He views this apprenticeship as an excellent opportunity to become a journeyman Machinist and establish a solid career.
Drake Shacklette, 17, from Meade County High School, was drawn to Atlas due to its sterling reputation and the strong recommendation from his teacher. Enrolling in the same four-year program, Drake has always believed that becoming a machinist is a solid career path, a belief reinforced by the guidance he received from his teacher and others in his community.
Hunter Pringle, 18, from Meade County High School, decided to pursue machining after a school tour of Atlas during his sophomore year. Impressed by the facility and the company's culture, Hunter, who initially was uncertain about his career path, found direction through the encouragement of his grandparents, both of whom had long careers as machinists. He discovered a passion for machining, driven by the limitless possibilities of creating from raw materials and the sense of accomplishment it brings.
The journey, however, is not for the faint-hearted. The four-year program requires firm dedication, with apprentices juggling between school and full-time work at Atlas. The pressure of acquiring a trade while navigating the fast-paced environment of Atlas helps identify those who have the resilience and skill to become accomplished machinists and welders.
This program offers an endless sea of opportunities. Graduates are armed with, not only an official state-recognized KMA certification, but a skill set that assures them of continuous employment, an invaluable asset in a dynamic job market. Many have leveraged this training to explore various career paths and ascend to leadership positions in different industries.
Graduates and Current Apprentices: Shaping the Future
Those participating in the Atlas Apprenticeship Program are a testament to its success. To date, more than two dozen employees have completed the highly specialized training.

The signing of these three students comes just a month after Atlas Machine & Supply's Registered Apprenticeship Program was recognized with a flawless score in their recent state audit by the Kentucky Education and Labor Cabinet, Office of Employer and Apprenticeship Services, a testament to the company's unwavering commitment to excellence in workforce development.

"At Atlas, we believe in the power of mentorship, hands-on training, and academic learning. Our apprentices are immersed in a rich learning environment, mentored by experienced machinists, and gaining skills and knowledge that only real-world experience can provide," stated Erick Lawson, Chief Operating Officer of Atlas. 

Lawson continued, "Established in 1991, our program has stood as a shining example of opportunity and professional growth for budding machinists. It's not just about meeting educational standards—which we do, both federally and state-wide—it's about paving a debt-free path to certification as skilled journeymen and journeywomen over four transformative years."

The Atlas Machine & Supply Apprenticeship Program is not just a journey; it represents dedication, innovation, and opportunity for the next generation of young workers. It also stands as a shining example of how a commitment to nurturing talent can shape the future and provide endless opportunities for those willing to seize them.

More about Atlas Machine and Supply: Over a Century of Excellence
Established in 1907, Atlas Machine and Supply, Inc. is a fourth-generation family business renowned for excellence in the industrial services industry. The company's history is a testament to its commitment to craftsmanship and innovation. Over the years, Atlas has become a recognized leader in re-engineering, repairing, and manufacturing complex manufacturing equipment.
Atlas Machine and Supply is not only a trusted name in machine repair but also a leading provider of industrial air compressor services, rentals, parts, and more. Their in-house and on-site capabilities allow them to offer turnkey engineer-managed solutions for a diverse range of projects.
With a passion for excellence and a legacy of success, Atlas continues to lead the way in machining services and compressed air solutions.