Employees at Atlas Machine and Supply are ready to help out when there’s a need. And if there’s just one positive in the midst of the historic pandemic we are experiencing, it is the increasing number of the acts of kindness all around us. Two employees at Atlas Machine are among those who decided to show in a tangible, non-traditional way, their concern about the spread of COVID-19. One of those who stepped up to help others is employee Jeremy Rydberg and his 12-year old son, Jake. Jeremy is Vice President of Corporate Development at Atlas.

The two decided to use a 3-D printer to produce face shields for medical personnel. Next, several employees working in the Machine Shop volunteered to assemble the parts of the face shields made by Jeremy and Jake into their final form.

A total of 30 shields, along with replacement lens, were ultimately produced for the Pleasure Ridge Park Fire Department. The department’s medical response team is now using the face shields when making medical runs in the area.       

Another employee who recognized a need coming out of the pandemic is Steve Wallace, a Service Manager for Atlas’ Industrial Products Group in Cincinnati. Steve came up with the idea of using a 3-D printer to create an “ear relief” accessory that connects to traditional medical masks. 

“Basically you can strap a surgical mask to this bracket and it holds it in place instead of your ears,” says Steve about his creation. “So far I have made a little over 100. I donated about 85 to St Elizabeth’s Hospital where my aunt and cousin work and sent about 25 down to you guys for distribution to any family members of Atlas employees that are in health care.” 

Steve says his creation is simple but effective. “I will try to accommodate anyone who needs some.” 

Thank you, Steve, Jeremy and Jake, for helping to keep more people safe during the pandemic crisis.

About Atlas Machine and Supply, Inc. - Atlas is over a century old and based in Louisville, Kentucky. The family-owned company designs, repairs, and remanufactures complex equipment and components for industry and municipalities throughout the United States and internationally. The company is also a leading supplier of industrial air compressors, related products and has a full-service department for compressed air. For more information about Atlas’ capabilities, contact us at info@atlasmachine.com

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